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7 Ways to Make $150 Per Day Online

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One of the initial achievements in the realm of online income generation is the consistent attainment of $150 per day. In today’s blog, we will explore seven potential ways to achieve this goal. Making money online may seem unrealistic to some, but in reality, there are numerous opportunities available. Whether you choose to run a YouTube channel, sell digital products, create online courses, promote affiliate products, run Instagram theme pages, offer video editing services, or become an affiliate for software, the possibilities are endless.

Method 1: Running Faceless YouTube Channels

Running a faceless YouTube channel is an excellent way to start making money online. By creating videos without showing your face, you can focus on providing valuable content to your viewers. With consistent effort and quality content, you can attract an audience and monetize your channel through ads. By optimizing your videos and achieving a $10 CPM (cost per thousand views), you can make $150 per day by uploading 60 videos.

Method 2: Selling Digital Products

Digital products, such as ebooks and guides, offer a great opportunity to generate income online. Platforms like Gumroad provide a marketplace for selling digital products. By creating a guide on a topic you have knowledge of, you can sell it and earn money without fulfillment costs. Research popular categories, such as business and money, education, and self-improvement, to find ideas for your digital product.

Method 3: Creating Online Courses

Online courses are another lucrative option for making money online. You don’t have to be an expert; you just need to know more than most people about a specific topic. By creating a course and recording videos, you can share your knowledge and charge a fee for access. By offering valuable content and going the extra mile to ensure your course is top-notch, you can make $150 per day with just one sale of a $150 course.

Method 4: Promoting High Payout Partner Products

High payout partner products are affiliate products that offer a substantial commission per sale. By promoting products with a high price tag, such as courses or software, you can earn a significant income. For example, by promoting a $1,000 course with a 50% commission, you only need nine sales per month to average $150 per day. Partnering with product creators and promoting their offerings can be a profitable venture.

Method 5: Running Instagram Theme Pages

If you prefer using Instagram as your platform, running theme pages can be a great way to monetize your audience. By creating a page centered around a popular niche, you can attract followers and sell shoutouts. Shoutouts are advertisements for other pages or brands that pay to reach your audience. As your page grows, you can charge for shoutouts and earn $150 per day with just one sale.

Method 6: Video Editing

If you have video editing skills, offering video editing services can be a profitable online job. Many content creators, like YouTubers, outsource their video editing tasks. By charging $100 to edit a 10-minute YouTube video, you can make $150 per day by editing just one or two videos. This skill can be developed through online tutorials and courses, allowing you to offer high-quality editing services.

Method 7: Promoting Software as an Affiliate

Software affiliate programs can be a lucrative source of income. By promoting software products that offer a monthly subscription, you can earn recurring commissions. For example, by promoting software that costs $43.50 per month and earning a 30% commission, you can make $150 per day with just 346 customers. YouTube channels and other online platforms can be used to promote these products and attract potential customers.


There are countless opportunities to make $150 per day online. Whether you choose to run a YouTube channel, create digital products, offer online courses, promote affiliate products, run Instagram theme pages, provide video editing services, or become an affiliate for software, success is within reach. With dedication, quality content, and the right strategies, you can achieve financial freedom and make a full-time income online. Start exploring these methods today and begin your journey towards making $150 per day consistently.

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