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The idea to learn web design in Bangladesh and earn money was never as popular as it has been in past few years. The popularity of freelance web developers is on the rise as the Government of Bangladesh as expressed interest to provide legal identity to freelancers. This article focused only on how one can learn web designing in Bangladesh and start a career out of it. The article will also tell you what to learn and where to learn web designing.

To learn how to make money designing websites in Bangladesh we first need to know what is Freelancing. Freelancing, according to google, means working for different companies rather than being permanently employed by one company.
Remember freelancer does not mean only web designing, it is just one of the freelance work that Freelancers can do in order to make living.

There can be various ways you can make money without being employed by a particular company, and that is the whole concept of being a freelancer. You can become a freelancer as long as you have a skill that other people may want to pay you to get that service from you. For example, a freelance photographer, freelance search engine Optimizer.

I would like to add the most interesting benefit of being a freelancer. Freelancer doesn’t have to be seated in a particular place to get the job done, if you are a website developer you can be sitting in your dining room and make websites for two companies at the same time.

Also, one does not need to be in Bangladesh to make money in Bangladesh or a web designer does not need to be in the United States to make money in the United States. work flexibility is the most important feature that attracts people to become a freelancer.

I am sure your knowledge about freelance work is little better now.

Now that you know what is freelancing and you also know what are the freelance works can be, we can go ahead and discuss how you can make money with your web design skills that you easily develop thought a web design course in Bangladesh.

What to learn in Web Design

To begin with, you first need to judge yourself. The easiest way you can judge yourself by asking one simple question which is:

“am I good enough to learn HTML JavaScript PHP everything that I have ever heard about web development?”

If your answer is no, now you know what you cannot learn or what you do not want to learn in order to become a web designer.

Now that question leads to another question, which is:

“What should I learn to become a web developer in Bangladesh?”

The answer is WordPress. There was a time when learning HTML, PHP or java was a must to develop a website. A group of freelance coders developed a software that allows you to design a fully functional and responsive website in the front end. A functional and responsive website means a website that functions accurately on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The software (WordPress) does all the coding for you in the backend. WordPress allows its users to design the website using page builder tools as well as various plugins. And 40% of the entire world’s website is developed with WordPress as of today. So now you know what you need to learn to get your dream title “Freelance Web Developer”.

Things that you need to learn while designing a website with WordPress:

  1. Domain & Hosting
  2. WordPress Setup
  3. Themes and their features
  4. Page builders
  5. Plugins that makes your website function the way you want.

And If you want to learn the hard way, i mean, if you want to learn the machine language to design website you can learn:

  1. HTML
  2. JAVA
  3. CSS
  6. SQL
  7. PHP
  8. .NET

How to Learn Web Design in Bangladesh

What all most all of the Freelancers in Bangladesh are doing right now is they do online courses on Web Design in Bangla and learn how to develop a website in WordPress.

The best way you can learn about web designing is by doing online courses. The online courses are designed to help succeed as the student can watch the video unlimited times. And most of the electronic learning platforms like laearn.com offers life long access to course.

You can visit our course page here to learn more about the course description. With almost 800 students this course has become one of the WordPress web developer making machine in Bangladesh.

Make Money with Your Web Design Skill

  • Fiverr.com: Once they learn web designing from the course they try to find customers on the freelancer platforms available online. fiberr.com for example. However, once you find a website where the buyers go hunting Freelancers to design their website the only few steps you need to take are sign up, make a very good-looking cover design, upload a few of the website thumbnails that you already developed for yourself and put a prince for your service. Wait for a week, if you have the right price and good-looking thumbnails you will eventually get your first order, and those orders total ranges from $50 to $2,000.
  • Agency: The other way you can earn money using your web designing skills is by making an Agency website. The agency will run as an organization where one or more web developers get together to provide web design services in Bangladesh. If you register your business and put some good effort into marketing activity you can surely start getting clients in Bangladesh and run your web development service providing agency. However, selling pre-built websites can bring a lot of low-end customers to your agency as they are low in cost and can be delivered faster.
  • Blog Site: Blogging is a good way to earn advertising money. Even though you are not a writer you can use your web design skill to publish a blog website and team up with professional bloggers.
  • Affiliate Marketing Site: Make a team with a search engine optimizer or you can learn affiliate marketing the same way you learned web designing. Promoting products online on your own website can bring a huge amount of money if you know how to optimize your website.


There is hardly any career that does not need training. All the business or job positions need the training not only to get the job done but to get the optimum benefit. Bangladesh is in a stage where freelancing marketing is booming and it is the right time someone should consider preparing to themselves so they can become a part of that booming market. regardless of your field of study or your current career filed you can easily learn Web Design or Affiliate Marketing and start your new career now.

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